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TurboMail 3.0 Alpha1 released

For quite a while no new versions of TurboMail were released and indeed TurboMail 2 just worked well for many users. But now there is an alpha release of the upcoming TurboMail 3.0 which is nearly a complete rewrite of TurboMail 2. With the new code structure we were able to add some nice features:

  • No strong coupling to TurboGears anymore (use TurboMail in command line scripts if you like!)
  • Different delivery methods like SMTP, local mailbox etc.
  • Different delivery strategies (queuing and immediate delivery)

To get more people involved, we decided to release an alpha version. That means the most important functionality is already in, but some things are missing right now. Furthermore there are some small known bugs (sending pre-formatted messages won't work) but we can work on that later. Besides that, I'm using a this alpha (with some custom patches) on production servers since several months and it works really great so far.



I tried to built comprehensive documentation for every feature. This is still work in progress, but at least some docs are there:

If you have questions, patches or just want to rant about the alpha, please use the mailing list. The roadmap page shows the missing tasks. I'm currently writing a Python MTA to get real SMTP tests in again.