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(edit) @87:1e27a176b77b [87:1e27a176b77b] 4 years fs compatibility to Trac 1.0
(edit) @86:98d6cd573296 [86:98d6cd573296] 4 years fs make TracCaptcha compatible with Genshi 0.7
(edit) @84:908ae433b3f1 [84:908ae433b3f1] 6 years fs reCAPTCHA: use protocol-relative urls to reference scripts. That way we …
(edit) @76:1ae4bb362179 [76:1ae4bb362179] 7 years fs use TracDevPlatform plugin and remove some duplicated code
(edit) @72:d7b66deac276 [72:d7b66deac276] 7 years fs add config option to omit noscript section for recaptcha to enforce …
(edit) @61:d0047c723d70 [61:d0047c723d70] 7 years fs meta-permissions can only be enhanced in Trac >= 0.13 so TICKET_ADMIN only …
(edit) @60:550f606df346 [60:550f606df346] 7 years fs update copyright year
(edit) @59:73b3f5835261 [59:73b3f5835261] 7 years fs fix tests on current Trac trunk (0.13dev)
(edit) @57:740ba8a48b2f [57:740ba8a48b2f] 7 years fs split up monolithic recaptcha integration so the core code can be reused …
(edit) @49:db3e52900425 [49:db3e52900425] 8 years fs prevent exception when trying to log simplejson error in reCAPTCHA widget …
(edit) @45:dfc7ef8731c3 [45:dfc7ef8731c3] 8 years fs use CGI module to parse the query string (Python 2.3 compatibility)
(edit) @40:9ec84f724771 [40:9ec84f724771] 8 years fs reCAPTCHA: use new Google URLs
(edit) @38:02adcab52cf8 [38:02adcab52cf8] 8 years fs reCAPTCHA: show link for reCAPTCHA signup if no keys configured
(edit) @36:e5a79ca332ae [36:e5a79ca332ae] 8 years fs reCAPTCHA: prevent exception in Trac 0.12 if Babel was not installed (#22)
(edit) @35:56b1e3b2a1f1 [35:56b1e3b2a1f1] 8 years fs reCAPTCHA: use HTTPS automatically to load widgets if trac page uses HTTPS …
(edit) @31:97eeaf7daef7 [31:97eeaf7daef7] 8 years fs move some convenience methods related to the fake captcha in CaptchaTest
(edit) @26:c3dae589e256 [26:c3dae589e256] 8 years fs moved test helper methods related to FakeCaptcha's visibility to the …
(edit) @25:f020bd17f186 [25:f020bd17f186] 8 years fs move test utilities into trac_captcha so it can be reused for testing …
(edit) @22:8ff76d097be5 [22:8ff76d097be5] 8 years fs reCAPTCHA: display localized widget for trac 0.12 (closes #19)
(edit) @21:44db84fc053d [21:44db84fc053d] 8 years fs reCAPTCHA: implemented theme selection via trac.ini (closes #15)
(edit) @15:a59581af407d [15:a59581af407d] 8 years fs refactored actual request generation so it can be used by other code as …
(edit) @11:eea744db9514 [11:eea744db9514] 8 years fs made tests pass on trac 0.12
(edit) @9:5297c2629559 [9:5297c2629559] 8 years fs skip captcha in preview if user already completed captcha successfully
(edit) @8:39763862721c [8:39763862721c] 8 years fs renamed module for TracCaptchaController so the file name reflects the …
(edit) @7:6b2a500e9c2f [7:6b2a500e9c2f] 8 years fs moved logic from ticket integration into central controller
(edit) @6:3026fabc91f9 [6:3026fabc91f9] 8 years fs renamed ICaptchaImplementation to ICaptcha
(edit) @5:6ce518c9e96a [5:6ce518c9e96a] 8 years fs added reCAPTCHA implementation (closes #6) and added some infrastructure …
(edit) @4:42e552911b5f [4:42e552911b5f] 8 years fs add permission to skip captcha (closes #8)
(edit) @3:1c14309f9724 [3:1c14309f9724] 8 years fs added tests for captcha injection during ticket modification (closes #4)
(edit) @2:c11471ef09ca [2:c11471ef09ca] 8 years fs implemented captchas for posting comments (closes #3)
(edit) @1:9494778f8ac0 [1:9494778f8ac0] 8 years fs implemented captchas for new ticket creation (closes #2)
(add) @0:4ad6a3ec4295 [0:4ad6a3ec4295] 8 years fs can inject a configurable captcha in the new ticket page
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