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(edit) @77:113117691b9e [77:113117691b9e] 7 years fs TracDiscussion captcha plugin 0.1.1: also show captchas for discussions …
(edit) @34:b2148c531b36 [34:b2148c531b36] 8 years fs adapt AccountManagerCaptcha changelog (I consider the current version as …
(edit) @33:cb79aa316d27 [33:cb79aa316d27] 8 years fs whitespace fix
(edit) @32:398707add725 [32:398707add725] 8 years fs implement a captcha protection for AccountManager's registration
(edit) @24:d803b4a00588 [24:d803b4a00588] 8 years fs fix title in changelog for TracDiscussion plugin
(edit) @19:cfd5fee2a077 [19:cfd5fee2a077] 8 years fs adding plugin for TracDiscussion 0.7 (see #17), yet without tests but …
(add) @17:1d1197d3e305 [17:1d1197d3e305] 8 years fs added contrib directory for non-core plugins
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