MediaCore Services

 MediaCore is a nice platform for web video and podcasts. The software itself is open source so it can be modified and extended easily. Also there are no artificial limitations like "user generated content costs extra", "HD video only if you buy the premium edition" and so on.

As a long-term MediaCore user and contributor (since beginning of 2010) I offer different services for MediaCore users:

  • Installation / Migration
  • Bug fixing/maintenance contracts to ensure your systems stay up and running
  • Custom Feature development, especially
    • new players or customized player configuration
    • support in video advertising (pre-roll, post-roll etc), using the ad network of your choice (e.g. OpenX, Hiro, …)

Don't hesitate, just contact me if you need working software quickly — built by a true MediaCore expert!

MediaCore starter package

This is the entry-level package for people starting with MediaCore. Get started as soon as possible, don't waste time trying just to get it running!

  • Installing the latest version of MediaCore on one server
  • 30 days follow-up support by email included

This ensures your MediaCore is running smoothly and you can work with the platform.

Deliveries / Status after installation

  • Running MediaCore
  • "easy to upgrade" installation
  • basic performance tuning
  • summary about how MediaCore was set up/installed on your system
  • backup instructions
  • 30 days follow-up support by email
  • you get a formal invoice when the project is completed and pay by Paypal or bank transfer (IBAN/BIC). European customers get a invoice on paper, otherwise I'll send you a PDF.

Preconditions for installation

  • Shell access to the host (SSH)
  • Linux-based operating system (CentOS/RHEL preferred)

Ask for pricing

Add-ons and Components

I provide a couple of add-ons to MediaCore. These pre-built components can be adapted so they meet your specific needs. Please note that not all of them are open source currently.

  • Migration scripts: Import existing videos/podcasts into MediaCore
  • Video Advertising: OpenX, Hiro, …
  • Custom Players: Get any flash/html5 player you like in MediaCore
  • WordPress integration (planned, no ETA yet)
  • image management (planned, no ETA yet)

If you're interested in one of the add-ons, please contact me. Early adopters get a special discount for plugins/components which are not done yet!